The Ronda Mountains boast unparalleted natural beauty. Their romantic scenary offers up constant surprises as we wander through a labyrinth of winding roads. Here we find the cliffs and caves where prehistoric man left, in the midst of wild rocks and geen valleys.

The town of Ronda, the financial and cultural center of this Andalusian region, is the birthplace of legendary bullfighters and bandits. A spectacularly deep ravine, plunging to a depth of more than 100 meters, separates New Ronda-with its monumental bull ring, park and avenues-from Old Ronda, with its many palaces, churches and minarets, all enclosed behind the Arab and Renaissance gates of the town´s ancient wall.

Acinipo, a Roman town located close to Ronda, was founded in 60 B.C.E. Of great importance in the region, it minted its own coins with the image of a cluster of grapes. During this period the town was famous for its cultivation of grapevines, whence its name (“City of Wine”), and engaged in a great deal of commerce due to its accessibility to sea ports. Wine, a liquid linked to artistic inpiration, is what brings us to the house in which this modern hotel is located.

This house was the residence of two great artists, one local, Téllez Loriguillo, and another Japanese, Miki Haruta. Works by Téllez Loriguillo such as the fantastic mural The Children, and the watercolor Eight Rivers, among others, have been preserved in the house. In the foyer you will also find a selection of sculptures and bas-reliefs by Juan de Ávalos, as well as original decorative pieces which adorn the room and help give the hotel its unique character.

The Hotel Acinipo is located in the center of Ronda, near the bull ring and the Blas Infante Gardens, with magnificent views of the ravine and the mountains. The hotel may be reached by motorway: from the Costa del Sol or Seville via the A-376, from Granada via the A-382, and from Algeciras via the A-369, and also by railroad: from Malaga and Granada via Bobadilla and from Madrid and Algeciras via Ronda.

The hotel accupies a restored building in the heart of the town, as well an additional modern building. Its imaginative, contemporary architectural design accentuates the light and scenic beauty of one of the most attractive towns in Andalusia,blending harmoniously with the iniviting décor of the hotel´s communal areas, wich are decorated with works of arts and antiques.

The hotel's privileged location allows the traveler to visit the town without needing to make use of any vehicle, as it lies only a few short meters from the New Bridge, wich links New Ronda-with its busy atmosphere of commerce, hotels and restaurants...-with Old Ronda, in whose narrow streets guests may find monuments and points of interest such a the “House of the Giant”, the “Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra”, the “ Felipe V Gate”, and the church of “Santa Maria la Mayor”.